Wednesday, October 10, 2007


I love getting pedicures. When ever my sweet momma comes down from Idaho we almost always go and get a pedicure. I converted her to the world of manicured toes. She was down on Tuesday so my mom, Auntie Kay and myself got pedicures. I am a regular pedicure girl. At least every month. It may sound a bit high maintenance BUT if you have experienced the joy of pedicures you too are addicted.

This is why I love them:

You pick your own nail polish color. That is lots-o-fun. The colors are from purple, pink, red, brown and everything in between. They don't just call the colors pink or red. The names are like "Jewel of India", "Mauvelous", "La Paz-itively Hot", and "Cha Ching Cherry". Who gets paid to name nail polish? I want in on that.

You sit in on a throne that also bathes your feet and massages your back. Seriously fabulous.

They clip, scrub, trim, file, clean, massage and paint. For those of you with extreme callus they razor it off! Those lovely people do all the great stuff that no one likes to do themselves. And all the while you are catching up on your Hollywood trash magazines. They even put your flip flops on for you!!

So many people are embarrassed about their ugly feet, afraid of what the person my think or say. Well guess what? Most of the time even if they do think you have hideous disgusting feet they wont talk about it in English. My experience is that they will talk about it in Vietnamese. Really I love the sweet people at VN Nails. Been going there for a few years, I recommend them to all. Granted I have no idea if they are saying wow girl, you have long skinny toes that look more like hands or if they are talking to each other about the weather. I do not care. They smile, treat my feet great and are nice and sweet to me, so they can say what ever they want in Vietnamese. I just love them. (go and see them, they will be good to your feet)

P.S. The above photo does not include my hand like feet. I think these feet belong to my cousins and Auntie.


Emily said...

cuzin, i love your blog, it makes me laugh. have you heard of glitter toes? love ya.

Randy & Amelia said...


You are so cute. I love reading your blog. It is worth reading. We should do pedicures together!! I will just have bring my other "hip" with me :) LOVE YA