Thursday, October 25, 2007

Top 10 reasons why I loved my weekend in Zions

On the weekend of October 4th I went to Zion’s National Park for the first time. Here are the reasons why I loved it (in no particular order):
10. As much as I love camping, (I really do enjoy every now and again) it was a girl’s weekend and there were babies there. SO we stayed in a sweet hotel right next to the Virgin River. I must say it was nice to take a soak in the hot tub every night after you hike a bit.
9. I started and finished the book Eclipse while there. Loved it lots!
8. The bathroom in our hotel room had a bidet. I love those things.
7. Me, cousin Lisa and Auntie Kay hiked the Narrows. It was fabulous. There are a few pictures to prove it.

6. The BEAUTIFUL scenery.... I fell in love with the place.
5. Hiking in the Virgin River- Me and the river a bit alike... both virgins.
4. While we hiked we wore some sweet get ups. Dry pants that could make any girl look chic, special boots and we had walking sticks.
3. While hiking in in the narrows I had to pee. So I dropped my drawers on the side of the river and took care of business. I do not know why but it was sort of exciting.
2. Word to the single gals, I saw ALOT of eye candy in the man department.
1. I was there with my Auntie, my cousins and their kids. It was all girls. They are too good to me.
Good times were had by all.
PS- So I have not yet mastered how to post pictures on here in an orderly fashion so it looks a bit messy. Sorry- I'm new!


virginiaoak said...

So jealous!!! Looks like you had a blast. Lets talk about number 2 on your list on Sunday...and plan a possible trip. ;) Glad you're back safe and sound.

Randy & Amelia said...

Love you cousin - you are apart of our family and we are so glad you decided to come. Love you so much!


Sarah said...

yay nature! that looks amazing anna. did i know that you went on a trip? see, i read your blog sometimes...