Saturday, October 13, 2007


This was me two years ago. Yep, I have been home for 2 full years now. I miss this place I am standing in front of. I miss not caring so much that my hair was terrible, and my clothes a bit too tight. I miss serving people full time and I miss the way being a missionary made me feel. I am home sick for NY.


gurrbonzo said...

Oh friend. 2 years...I miss it too. There is nothing like the pang of mission homesickness. I miss hearing people pray for the first time, and I miss the feeling of adventure, the feeling that every day, anything could happen, that behind the next door could be something amazing. I miss the feeling of being a missionary.

We teach a sunday school class on church history and today was all about the translation process and finishing up in Fayette. Next week we'll discuss the day the church was organized and I CAN'T WAIT. We love you, PWF!

Sara said...

I hear you 100%! Those were the days! I miss it like crazy also! We had some GREAT stories!
Love ya,

virginiaoak said...

Sing it sister. I feel the same way except for mine was 6 years ago. (cough). Wouldn't trade those frumpy, tired days for anything!!