Thursday, November 22, 2007


My mom and her family have always been wonderful cooks. Through out the years I have been blessed with delicious home cooked Thanksgiving feasts. This year my brothers were all away with their families and so it was with Auntie Kay's girls too. So we did something out of the ordinary and went out for Thanksgiving dinner. We arrived at Little America at 11:00am to find a very long line of hungry people and waited...And waited some more... (Mom and Auntie Kay)
still waiting...

And then we ate. A lot. Turkey, prime rib, crab legs, potatoes...

Yes, it was worth the weight. Er I mean wait. :)

After dinner we went and saw that adorable movie Enchanted. We loved it. We had great time together and I am so grateful for these three wonderful people who mean so much to me. They each do so much for me, and I hope they understand that they are staples in my life. I can't imagine not having them. But with that all said, I really missed my brothers and their families today. (missed my cousins too) It just isn't the same with out the excitement, the conversation and even the noise. I would have loved to watch my sweet nieces and nephews eat and play with one another, I would have loved to talk with my amazing sister in laws, I would have loved to watch my brothers push each other around, I would have loved to just laugh with everyone and even would have liked to see my family argue a bit.(although me and the parents did some of our own :) )
Every year our family goes around and says three things we are thankful for. With all our Little America excitement today we didn't go around and share. I will not let the tradition die. Here are my three:

1. I love the history of the first Thanksgiving. Grateful for the pilgrims who sacrificed so much. 102 came over on the Mayflower and only 52 survived that first year. They didn't give up when it was hard. They had a dreams of freedom and now we are blessed to have that valuable freedom.
2. Grateful for the modern conveniences that allow me to be able to keep in touch with my family so easily. Having them all so far away is difficult, and I miss them constantly but I am grateful to be able to call or email them any time.
3. Grateful for having the Lord in my life. What a sweet peace this gives to know that some one else has a greater love for us all. How fortunate I am when I stop and look, and recognize all the blessings he sends.

Happy Thanksgiving


Shannon said...

I am grateful I know you. You are one of a kind and anyone who has you in their life is lucky. Thanks for being my friend!

virginiaoak said...

Well said Anna, and Shannon, for that matter. Love your guts and I'm grateful for you.