Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Thanksgiving Eve

Today in honor of one of my dearest friends Rachael, we celebrated her 25 years of life by going to the restaurant she loves... Carrabas. Rach, Brad, JD, Matt, Riley(Matt's daughter) and me enjoyed a lovely meal. The best calamari, superb steak and delicious chicken. I washed my meal down with several slices of bread soaked with oil and vinegar and of course 3 diet vanilla cokes. It may seem like a bit much the night before a holiday dedicated to eating and being grateful. But I say, why only one meal?? Let the gratitude begin!Rach, Brad and Riley (Not quite sure what Brad is looking at.....)

Matt, JD and me (thanks for buying my dinner too!)
Rach and I met years ago when we both were working in the back stockroom of Mervyns Department store. Oh the lovely memories of working retail. We have been friends ever since. Thanks for being born Rach!! Love you!


Sarah said...

so, i know that i haven't seen you in a while. when did you get bangs?! i like them.

Shannon said...

Um...Anna, cute boy in the stripes! Might he be single?? I inquire not for myself, but for a "friend" of ours. Just a wonderin!