Sunday, December 9, 2007

single with a few extra pounds

Spent last weekend visiting Oklahoma. My brother Adam blessed the newest addition to his family- Baby Brooklyn. Most of the family was able to go so it was a pretty good time. I got a lot of baby holding time in- it fed any baby hunger I had. There was also a lot of baby crying that fed any baby hunger I had. (5 little ones under age 2)
Saturday night we took the kids to this sweet little Farm. They have a petting zoo, a carousel, a train ride, and PONY RIDES!! I was excited about those. But blast! There was a sign saying no one over 100lbs could ride the pony. Boo. Now, I am not saying that I am actually over 100lbs but lets just say IF I was... like 35lbs or more over 100lbs. Why cant those little ponies carry a bit more?! Sheesh. Whats a few extra pounds?
Most of the time when I am visiting family out of town I sleep on the couch. It is like they think married people ALWAYS have to sleep in the same bed or something. :) This trip I opted to go to the hotel with my brother Jed and his wife Valerie. I ended up on the other bed with my 2 year old niece Ashlee. Ashlee was a bit congested so when she fell asleep she was snoring. Yep, 2 year olds DO in fact snore. (who would have thought??) I wasn't worried though, her snoring was kind of sweet. Sweet until her dad chimed in! I awoke at 12am to a snore-a-thon. Yikes it was brutal. My sister in law was sleeping through it so I thought I would give it a try. After 20 minutes I decided I could handle no more and went and shook my brother till he woke up. I begged him to give me some earplugs (he just happen to have some) and put those little gems as far up my ears as they would go. You know, those things actually work?!?! I was able to finish up the night with out the symphony of snore.
Lesson I learned here? I am VERY single. Yep, I love my own quite bedroom with my own comfy bed. And in my single world all ponies can carry and will carry those of us.. er those out there that weigh a bit more than 100lbs.


virginiaoak said...

Don't worry...I'm in the same boat...same sinking you are. I love my extra pounds. What I don't love is that I can relate to your "booted to the least comfortable sleeping spot in the house" problem as well. Let's let the married people sleep in the office with the french doors-nice and private:? -on an air mattress that stays inflated for half the night and sits halfway under the desk. "Wow. I get the office again? Do you mean it?" I mean come on. I'm also considered the aunt that will "watch and play with all the kids so the parents can have a break" kind of members of the jury, I ask you...Who really deserves the better night's sleep? I rest my case. (Okay...I really don't mind, and I love being that aunt. I just also love my sleep.) ;)

El Gordo/The Great White Puerto Rican said...

Anna, you are a nerd. Ashley is like at least 3.

And you are also the girl that never, ever, had to share a room, had multiple cars given to her and as far as I know has never had to pay your own tuition. Hah, if all I get is the right to sleep on the guest bed while you struggle on the couch I don't feel too bad. ;-)

Anna said...

El Gordo-
You too are a nerd. Ashlee wont be three til next year. I never shared a room because mom and dad do in fact love me more.
ps- FYI always have and still do pay my own tuition.
pps- you snore worse than Jed.
love you!!!

Sarah said...

Anna!!! I totally understand. We didn't have a guest room at my house for a while so even at home I got kicked out of my room and my brother's and their wives got to sleep in there and I slept on the couch. And now that I am finally married, there is no one that I get to boot out of the comfy beds because I was the last one... So not fair.

pinklover said...

He actually carries a pair of earplugs?? How thoughtful he must be.
And as far as the few extra pounds...I would hate to see you if you didn't weigh more than 100lbs! You are already impossibly skinny! I am sure those ponies would have trotted happily with you on their back!
You are the best,

Heather Childs aka Habbs said...

I agree with Shannon! I wouldn't want to see you if you weighed more than 100 lbs.! :) How are you enjoying work now?
Hope to hear from you soon!