Monday, September 17, 2007

Should I be offended?

So last Thursday I was on my way to class when I ran into an elder who served in my mission(we will keep his identity secret but call him "Joe"). We talked for a brief moment and I went on my way to class. Later I called my friend Mel and mentioned to her that I had run into Joe. (she is good friends with him) She said that Joe had text her after running into me. Here is how it goes....
Joe: I ran into Anna. She is nice.
Mel: Neat.
Joe: I saw her from behind and thought I recognized her.
Joe: She is actually attractive, I am surprised.

Uh, what is that suppose to mean? Does this mean that before hand he had only really looked at my backside because that's how he recognized me? He must not have liked it because he said I was surprisingly attractive. Mostly this just makes me laugh. How random. It is good to know that maybe after being home from the mission for two years that I have finally lost all of my frump. Suprising.


gurrbonzo said...

hey. frump is hot!

Randy & Amelia said...

hA! Lynn, I can't believe I hadn't read this posting before. What a funny experience. MAYBE since he was a missionary, he was being good and not looking!! You are SO attractive. He is lame :) Love you

Megs said...

I know Joe - don't listen to him.

virginiaoak said...

I laughed out loud on this one! Don't you love comments like that? Umm, yeah...thanks Elder Joe. Let me take a moment to say you are anything but frumpy...not now...not ever. Love your beautiful guts.

Anna said...

Mel corrected me and said his word was SHOCKED not suprised.
Even better.