Monday, September 17, 2007

I want to buy a piggie

Saturday night myself, Megan and Mel went to the Utah State Fair. Yahoo! Megan is an Aussie and had never experienced the Utah State Fair or another State fair for that matter. Mel and I had never been to the Utah Fair. I was holding high expectations because I come from the great state of Idaho where our fair is legendary. The UT Fair did A-OK.
Fair food- scones and root beer (it made my tummy ache so I couldn't eat a funnel cake, the real reason you go.)
Pig Auction- How exciting was that? These old guys talking so fast and people raising there hands to bid. With all the excitement I was sooo tempted to bid on one of those lovely little piggies.(going for about $400) Until we saw one going to the bathroom and another lick his piggie bum as he relieved himself. eww.
All animals especially the baby ones- I love baby goats!
Sculpture of a bull made out of butter- They said it was made with enough butter to butter 19,200 pieces of toast!
Handwriting analysis- For the small fee of $3 I signed a piece of paper and a machine told me all sorts of wonderful, believable truths about myself. I plan on saving that.
Mullets (business in the front, party in the back)-oddly enough we only saw about 6. Disappointing? Yes. I had high hopes of seeing mullets in the double digits.
Who doesn't love the fair? Not me, I love the fair.
Megan posted a pic and also wrote a little ditty about the fair. Check it out.


Amelia said...

Lynn (or should I call you Smithy) -- I wish I could have gone to the fair. Next year, I want to go with you!! Rand said it was "too white trash" :( Oh well. Thank you for the delightful, yet disgusting image of the pigs. I am very interested in knowing what your handwriting told!!

Sara said...

I can't find your email address anywhere! Yes, we will be home on Sunday!

virginiaoak said...

I think I just threw up a little. Wow, you really know how to paint a picture. Gotta love those animals. I too am interested in your handwriting fortune. We'll talk on Tuesday. ;)