Saturday, April 23, 2011


Easter is tomorrow. And to be honest, it is always good to have a reminder that Easter is about more than Reeses peanut butter eggs and Cadbury anything.

Back in October my husband I went to my nephews Primary program, and they sang a song I had never heard. It was so powerful and full of the spirit. It made us both cry. I have since been campaigning for our Primary to learn and sing it.

This version I found on youtube really doesn't do it justice. Just imagine a stage full of sweet little faces singing at the top of their lungs. Beautiful.

A sweet reminder of the love He has for us.

Happy Easter


Marley Family said...

What a beautiful song! I have never heard that one. It made me cry too! Man the church is so true!

Alisha Stamper said...

wow. that is really beautiful. thanks for sharing!

Anna's Mom said...

What a sweet tender song. I would love our primary to learn it too. It feeds my spirit.

Anonymous said...

I still miss your blogs. And, apparently I have sucked at commenting. Amen.