Thursday, January 1, 2009

Dear Sun,

I didn't see you for two days. I missed your sunshine and the Vitamin D you give me.

I plan on meeting you here next week:

Anticipating our reunion.....


Anna's pale, white skin.


Emily and beau.......ardie too said...

gay! i wanna go. will you be gone for your birthday? january the tenth is a holy day anna. my bff forever and ever made her holy way into this cruel world

Brianne said...

I have cruise envy! Soak up some rays for your pale nursing buddy.
and enjoy it while you can, the fateful day of Jan 12th is just around the corner! :(

Sarah said...

i am jealous of you. that's all i have to say... except, did you say your skin was white?! i think not compared to some...

Amelia said...

Hey Lynn,

I LOVE your picture! You are such a doll. When do you leave? I know you will have SO MUCH FUN!! I'll be callin ya on a certain 10th of JanuarY! :) Love you

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