Saturday, March 22, 2008

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream

This is the Plaza in the center of Ponce. Most roads all around lead directly to this. It is one of my favorite spots in the city. This fountain is at the very center and my nephews love to walk around it, sit on the teal green lions and "accidentally" fall into the water.

My love for this plaza stems from the ice cream shop across the street. (see pic below) There is always a line of people coming out, and most of them are locals, which is a sign of quality taste.
I was introduced to this place a year ago when I took my first trip to Puerto Rico. It has ruined me for all other ice cream shops.

The delectable treat that is served is just a little thicker than a Wendy's frosty, but feels and tastes so much more sophisticated. It comes in flavors ranging from classic chocolate, strawberry, peanut butter to pineapple or passion fruit. All made from scratch and naturally flavored from the fruit it self. My favorite? Coconut. Hands down, coconut. This stuff makes my head spin. Really I had been craving it for the last year.
I went at least 5 times while I was there, sometimes having more than one serving, and not feeling the least bit embarrassed or bad about it.

Are women the only ones who obsess over food like this?
In a book I read a few months ago called "Eat, Pray, Love" the author describes a pizza she had in Naples.
So Sofie and I have come to Pizzeria da Michele, and these pies we have just ordered-one for each of us-are making us lose our minds. I love my pizza so much, in fact, that I have come to believe in my delirium that my pizza might actually love me, in return. I am having a relationship with this pizza, almost an affair. Meanwhile, Sofie is practically in tears over hers....
This folks is quite similar to my experience with my ice cream.

Please tell me that some of you love certain foods this much. I am not crazy right? Share!!

This is me and the boys on one of the many ice cream trips.


virginiaoak said...

Oh, wow, Anna. If you don't know my love for food by now we've gone wrong somewhere in our friendship. Don't even get me started on food...
Okay, maybe just one thing. (and that's how my life is with food...okay just one) Ummm, I must I always do, the apple pie caramel apple from rocky mountain chocolate factory. Dipped in caramel, dipped in white chocolate, rolled in cinnamon sugar. Oh baby. Even with my stomach at full capacity and promising myself I'll only have one slice, I literally can't stop thinking about the other 7/8 of the apple sitting in the bag...waiting to be eaten. So of course I think "just one more"...until the apple is sitting happily in my stomach. And that's just an apple. I'm obsessed with delicious food. ;) Thanks I can't concentrate.

RYAN said...

now did you base your entire trip around the getting of said ice cream, aka "creamy sweet goodness?"
that would be ok if you did.
p.s. my wife thinks that you are "cute."
i told her ya but you should see her "LIST." haha
ok see ya

Tamara Jacobs said...

Oh I love Ice Cream too! I would eat it at every meal if I could:) I loved looking at your pictures! It was fun to see you the other day!

pinklover said...

I must have that coconut ice cream. I have added it on my list of, "Things to Try Before I Die". Thank you for letting me know it exists.