Tuesday, April 1, 2008


So, tell me. If you had a dog (just so you know, I do NOT have a dog). Lets say a bullmastiff, a chubby and slightly lazy bullmastiff *. One day you hear it choking and coughing. The next thing you know is, that the source of that choking and coughing comes out and it is your favorite pair of panties. Woah. Wowza. Goo. Bad dog, right? This is not where it ends. You find that it has digested a few more pairs of your undies, and you find those in the yard. Wow. Really? Sick.
So, tell me. This should motivate you to:
1. Put your clothes in a hamper, or the drawer they belong in.
2. Go commando, and get rid of all underwear.
3. Buy all edible underwear. That way it isn't a tragedy when the pooch snacks on the underwear.
Any other suggestions? Which option do you think is best??

I do not own a dog, and really hope to never have to own one. Not that I am a dog hater, I just prefer a pet free environment--And I prefer my unmentionables to be unmentioned.

* This bullmastiff and its owner shall remain anonymous to protect their privacy. You should note that the dog is alive and well, and that measures have been taken to protect it from choking on any other "hazardous" materials.


Niki said...

Although option 3 caught my eye, I think I would have to go with option 1 :) Ha ha. Happy April Fools!!!!!!!!!!!Loveyou!

pinklover said...

I think he is smiling. Men are all the same.

Emily said...

seriously a true story?! wow. funny.

snittymagee said...

commando. . .is there any other way?

Sarah said...

i think that i recognize that dog... ;D haha!!! that makes me laugh really, really hard.
(p.s. to anyone else: it's not me. i don't own a dog!)

Sarah said...

p.p.s anna, is this for april fool's day?

RYAN said...

im going to take option three.. those are the most fun option.