Saturday, March 22, 2008

Come to my Puerto Rico...

Yes, this post is a bit over due. Here is a little of my recent trip to Puerto Rico. I was out there being the nanny.... my brother and his wife went on a cruise, so I got mommy practice. I have 3 nephews out there that I adore. Jett, Luke and Tommy. Lots of work changing diapers, making hot dogs, carrying a diaper bag and driving a mini van. My mom came out later in the week to help me. If you are going to be babysitting, I recommend you do it on an island in the Carribean!We had a great time!! This is us at Crash Boat beach. It is a Beautiful beach. Had a great time. One of the highlights: Tommy peeing on me.
Jett and Luke in front of the mall after I took them to buy Pokemon figurines. That of course made me the coolest auntie ever.
Tommy was the happiest when he was "washing" the dishes.
On the board walk in Ponce.

Me, my sister in law Carolyn and my momma.
Me, my momma and the yummy Puerto Rican feast. :)

My favorite quote from the kids that week
Luke who is 3 and does not have a real concept of time said this when I was getting them ready for church; "But I don't want to go to church! We already went once this year!" hehehehehe


Randy & Amelia said...

horray!!! Looks beautiful Lynn. love you. thank you for coming by Fr!! xoxo

Hannah LaRue said...

time out i'm granola, and you go on vacay to paradise with kids. lets rethink this. jk miss you lots my. wish star bobs was across the street.

pinklover said...

It looks Fantastically heavenly! And you look like a natural mother and equally beautiful in your swimming attire.