Tuesday, December 18, 2007

In Gratitude

I passed yet another course. I am slowly but surely making my way towards a degree. Sometimes I wonder how I actually pass some of these classes because during them I feel as if my brain is to the class material and information as the concrete side walk is to a rubber ball. Nothing sticks just bounces around. What bliss and shock I feel when I get my grades and find that I will not have to retake a class!

So with this said I feel I need to thank those that make it possible. For with out you I would not be able to do it.

Diet Coke never let me down when I needed a little surge of caffeine.

Sour Patch watermelon chews always gave that party in the mouth, got to eat something or else I will go crazy comfort when I ever I needed it.

Thank you, for with out you I question my abilities to study and pass any class.


Megs said...

I'm so happy for you, well done friend!

Heather Childs aka Habbs said...

Congrats! You will definitely make it through school! You're awesome!

Shannon said...

Oh Anna! You are so smart. It is impressive that you work, go to school and still have tme to visit the fair. You will be done in no time, and when you are I would be honored if you would cath me. Gross!

gurrbonzo said...

You go girl. this was my first diet-coke-free finals experience and oh this baby better thank me for that. If you believe you can achieve!

Randy & Amelia said...

i continue to love you more each day. :)