Tuesday, March 29, 2011


currently impressed by:

my texting skills.
i have a "smart phone" and it has that fancy schmancy swype texting. lovely little invention. however, every time i try and "swype" the word you, it comes out thou. i do this a lot. ive decided that it shows a higher level of respect to those that i text.

my ability to eat cookies.
girl scout cookies. samoas. husband doesn't eat them so he reminds me when they are gone that there is only one person to blame... ps- sugar cookies from smartcookie MUST be made with crack. it would be embarrassing to admit the actual amount of both kinds of cookies that i have recently consumed.

my ability to not vomit when a patient of mine does.
it is really gross. and it happens. vomit at the hospital happens a lot. but yet i have been able to NOT toss the above beloved cookies.

assuming you are impressed too.

-forgive the lazy, no capitalization and no punctuation ect. or... just be impressed by it.

- its been awhile huh?


Anonymous said...

YES! It HAS been a while. I keep looking for a blog from my Anna. FINALLY! And, you did not disappoint. You make me laugh. All the time. And just thought I'd point out that your punctuation is awesome, and I especially enjoyed your sentence about punctuation when you wrote "ect." Makes me smile. Like a lot.

Swype has gotten me in more trouble than I care to share. But always makes for a great story.

Thanks for the crack cookies today. I ate them both. And did not feel bad about not sharing. But eating them made my pain a "9." If only I could vomit.

Jed and Valerie Smith said...

Yes texting can be interesting. It has led to many embarrasing moments for me. I once texted a friend "Be there in a sex..." Not good! hahaha

Marley Family said...

I'm impressed! ;)

The Bubblegum Chronicles said...

Haha! Love it!
I remember when my patients had the vomits. It is the one thing that I really can't handle. Always made me gag....not very professional. :)
I am definitely impressed with that.
What are you doing eating Samoas though? Grasshoppers are the only way to go!

Sarah said...

i'm pretty sure if you (or should i say, thou?) vomited at work those cookies would not be as appealing anymore.

and i'm definitely not as cool as you. i don't have a smart phone, so i don't know what this swype texting is. sounds like trouble.

p.s. when are thou and i going to finally get together? a 40 min drive is really not THAT much.

Larissa said...

I have dedicated many a blog entry to Smart Cookie. MMMM. And one of my friends, Darian, earned his nickname of "Dashbo" because text messages always auto-predict that instead of his real name. Random.

Tyler said...

It's been WAAAAAAAY too long. Don't ever let it happen again. Even if all you do it throw up (pun intended) a picture of yourself eating a cookie every once in a while.. I'll be satisfied. You're my favorite. And I'm always impressed by you. Always.

CharlieJo said...

yay! love when you update you blog! :) miss you.

Cydnee said...

i'm impressed you finally blogged, goose. and don't you love technology? i love auto-correct. i once *almost* told my mom that my roommate was going to get me more tequila. apparently 'dayquil' auto-corrects to 'tequila'. i'm sure they have the same effects for the flu.

Amelia said...

It has been awhile and I am so proud....and sorry it took awhile to notice :) lol

eMily eLiZaBeTh said...

No more girl scout cookies, me and you are gettin skinny!!