Sunday, October 19, 2008

Dance like nobody is watching

chances are some one will actually BE watching. If you are lucky they will capture it on camera.
There is a time and place for the ugly dance.
The time: September 6th, Christa's reception approximately 8pm.
The place: Grandeview, Idaho. The town Legion Hall.

Pretty sure that "Cotton eye Joe" was playing...
Bahahaha! I win the contest for best ugly dancer!
I love this shot of Amber and Ty (Christa's brother). They are completely in sync.

Good times.


Sarah said...

"i'm a dancer!"

oh anna... i really loved these pics of you. that's why they say "LIKE no one is watching", not "where no one can see." these things should be shared, so thanks. i feel so proud. :D

dwindley said...

Love it! Hey...are you dating anyone? I'd like to set you up on a date. Send me your email address at and I'll give you all the juicey details on this guy.

Moose Tracks said...

Hee hee! Anna you crack me up! I love that you are dancing your heart out! You are lookin like one hot mamma! You would make Leanne Womack proud.. " I hope you dance..." Get it??

Smith Family- Puerto Rico Style said...

love it! so glad you posted the pics! So I have someone I want to set you up with... (When's that blog gonna start?)

Kristin said...

I think I have finally calmed down enough to post a coment on this. YOu make me laugh until I pee my pants Dude. Those are some awesome pics, and honestly, isn't this how all our school dances looked?? I love it! And I loved seeing you this weekend. Good for the soul!

Hannah LaRue said...

oh anna that is toooooo funny! you can really shake it!