Friday, January 21, 2011


I have been sick the last few weeks. You know, the man voice, stuffy nose, energy sucker, cough that sounds like a dog barking kind of sick. I sounded like death. Felt like dirt.

Turns out sick people don't really feel comfortable with a nurse coughing all over them. Whatev.

So I have spent the majority of time locked up in my basement on the couch. The first few days were not too bad. Pajamas and crappy TV without feeling guilty. Then it starts to wear on you. My skin lost its "I just got back from Cancun" luster (thank you in-laws!), my little chest got all too use to wearing no bra, and I'm not sure if my husband would recognize me if I put on makeup and I ran out of clean pajamas.
I got bored. I read a lot of blogs. Pretty sure I looked at all of your friends blogs. (you all have lovely friends) Looked at lots of crafting, fashion and food blogs. This all made me feel uncreative, backwards and hungry.
I reached an all time low when I found myself watching 3 episodes of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Yikes. More glitter and botox than I can handle. Pretty sure those stiff foreheads scared most the sick out of me.

I'm feeling better. Left the house. Returned to work. Wearing a bra and makeup. And feeling like I don't need to watch TV for a long time....

or at least till next wednesday (tell me you saw this weeks Modern Family?!)


Hannah Ashmore said...

Best Modern Family ever!

Marley Family said...

That's how I felt when little Lane got sick last week. I couldent leave the house and all he wanted to do is be cuddled and watch Tom and Jerry. P.s. Modern Family made me pee my pants! So funny!

Diana W. Windley said... I kinda wish that I could get sick for a few days.

Anonymous said...

See, for me, I can lie around all day without any discomfort at all. Or guilt. Awesomeness. My latest escape TV is 30 Rock on Netflix. I'd never seen it. Kept hearing about it. Now I'm hooked. Season 3 baby. Still no Modern Family, but pretty dang funny.

Even sick you're still pretty. I kind of hate you for that :D