Sunday, November 2, 2008


I will be honest, Halloween is not my most favorite holiday. I do not hate it by any means, but I think perhaps I would rather eat a turkey dinner.

I do love the candy, and long for the days when it was ok for me to run from house to house with a pillowcase and ask strangers to fill it with goodies. I wonder, what age is it appropriate to stop that? hhmmm. Too bad I can not do that now, and instead of candy, ask for things like money, movie tickets, lip gloss, books, and other essentials. Just a thought.

Here are a few pictures from the night:

a cowgirl and an indian princess
Some who chose to dress up... and some who did not.
Hope your Halloween was lovely!


CharlieJo said...

cute cowgirl! glad you dressed up, its more fun that way. =) hey when are doing lunch? luv ya.

Jed and Valerie Smith said...

Just wait till you have kids...why else do you take a 18 month old trick-or-treating but to collect much needed chocolate for mom and dad???? You look adorable by the way..

Emily and beau.......ardie too said...

I want lip gloss and novels in my pillowcase at halloween!! that is such a cute thing that you wrote! im glad you came anna!! love ya.

Sarah said...

i like dressing up for halloween. and i went trick-or-treating in 05 when i was 22 and totally got away with it. steve won't let me go now. probably cause even though i look like i'm still in high school, he doesn't and the people would probably have a problem with him coming to their door. but i would do it if i could get away with it. just a few houses.

my fav. costume is still when we dressed up as siamese twins. i love the pics from that halloween, though someone should have taken a pic from the behind. i know it was hot.

Kristin said...

I am bummed I missed out. Next year come to my house with a pillow case and I will feel it with lip gloss and some movie tickets my sweet anna.

Becky said...

Anna you look so cute. I wish i could have been there with you guys!

Dan Chow said...

BANNA! em just posted on our blog and I saw YOUR BLOG! how ya been kiddo?? it's been, what, like 6 YEARS!? holy smokes. too long. You look like you're having fun! Tish and I are still in provo till april or may, and then it's off to minnapolis for ansesthesia school for 3 years. Tish and I reminisce back to the good ol' rain tree days all the time and i'm glad I had such cool friends to make memories with. :) keep in touch.

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