Sunday, September 14, 2008

Love and marriage

Well, not my love and marriage... My friend Christa got hitched!! AND I was honored to be a member of the wedding party. Yes, it is true I was a bridesmaid for the...... ELEVENTH time! That is some kind of record huh?
Christa, who I so lovingly refer to as Riddles, Rid-face or Rid took the wedding plunge. Last weekend me and my roommates ventured up to my home state of Idaho.
This is after 5 hours in the car:

The next morning...... Getting Rid ready... and the finished product. She looked fabulous!!

After a lovely ceremony in the temple, we drove, and drove and drove to a little place called Grandview Idaho. Now, I am proud to be an Idahoan but the drive to Grandview made it hard for me to stick up for the gem state! There was nothing. The nothingness made it hard to take a pit stop. One of my driving companions had to go on the side of the road. But, if you were going to pee on the side of the road, there is no more appropriate place than Idaho.

They had a nice ring ceremony at Christa's grandmothers house. I got to do a little wedding walk down the isle with one of the groomsmen. He wore a cowboy hat too. :) The bride was escorted down the isle by her daddy. He threw off his trucker hat just before. Then they skipped down the isle... literally. ;)One of my favorite parts of the ceremony was the cow mooing. I WAS in deep Idaho!! I love it!!

Then we had a good ol time at the reception. A little groovin to some country tunes.

Congrats Christa! Love you!!


Kristin said...

OH Good ol Idaho weddings. Awesome! You make the most beautiful Bridesmaid! I wish I knew a guy who deserved you.

Are you coming to mi Casa in October to party??

Moose Tracks said...

I love weddings! You are such an awesome friend Anna! You would drive to the ends of the earth for your friends! You look hot in that chocolate bridesmaids dress!!

Anonymous said...

K your skinny and pretty. oh and you look good in brown!!! lets trade your colors for all my brown a million of them!!

CharlieJo said...

Hooray for Christa!!! love the makeup too ;) you are one of the best bridesmaids ever, and cousins. love ya sweetie.

Sara said...

Where did the Riddles I know go? Her hair is curly! I love it! She's looks great! I can't believe she's hitched! I was feeling crappy the night of the reception, so I wasn't able to come. :( You look fabulous too- but you always do! Let's get together! Love ya!