Sunday, July 6, 2008

I wish I was

this many years old (imagine me holding up a few fingers on one hand). No worries really. Like take my cute nephew Hyrum:
His biggest worry is when is grandma going to give me another bite of her icecream, or will some one please notice I am cute? It has been a few minutes.
When I was in Idaho last week visiting with the family me and my mom went to the zoo with my neice and nephew and my friend Serena and her two boys. Pocatello's zoo is so tiny! You could see more wild life while driving to the grocery store.

My beautiful neice Ashlee, Serena's little guy Lane, Hyrum, and Serena's Ryan.

Me and Serena. She has been one of my best friends from the day I was born. We shared many a peanutbutter and jelly sandwiches, milk and koolaid mustaches and we could give some awesome performances on the swings in the park. We would make routines and sing songs, to us it was very serious and to us we were really, really talented. Those were the days. The best thing is, I still talk to her every few weeks. She is my oldest friend.


Jed and Valerie Smith said...

Wow those are the cutest kids on earth!!! They must have wonderful parents...hahahaha - thanks for babysitting while Jed and I had some time together it meant the world to us. I am glad you also had fun while doing it.

Smith Family- Puerto Rico Style said...

Serena is great and our neice and nephew are adorable. I don't think I would have even recognized Hyrum!