Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I always wondered

how homeless people always seem to find a black marker to write on the cardboard box signs. I can never find a black sharpie marker when I need one... How do they always seem to have one? How do they find a marker easier than a sandwich? This question keeps me up at night.

You know what else? On Saturday night I just found out that the reason why buckin broncos buck is because they tie up their "boy parts" and they buck around trying to get lose. Those poor guys are so uncomfortable! Despite learning of this torturous act I had a wonderful time at the rodeo. Strawberry days rodeo was a good time. Loved watching the little kids mutton bust, the big hair of the rodeo girls, the tight jeans on the cowboys, the bull riding and the strawberries and cream. Loved it.

Still. Where do the homeless get the markers to write their "will work for food" signs??


Ashley is Blogalicious! said...

Seriously about the marker thing!

Gary & Renee said...

I have totally wondered that same thing several times! Maybe they have a stash at the homeless shelter. Next time I donate canned goods, maybe I'll throw in a few Sharpies.

Luke, Bonnie, & Lily said...

The rodeo is a good time.

I've always wondered the same thing about the marker.

Kristin said...

Laughing.....and yeah still laughing! I love you, and I will never look at a homeless guy holding up a piece of cardboard the same ever again.

Counting down the days until July 19th so we can hang again!

Stubbs said...

Anna that is so true. You should write deep thoughts for SNL