Friday, May 16, 2008



I moved. No longer living in the lap of luxury with Auntie Kay.
Got an apartment with some friends. Liking it. Adjusting to sharing a room again.
Feeling like I am 19 again. I needed some storage space so I put my twin bed up on cinder blocks. Yep, I said twin bed. I really am living the dream.

First day of Nursing school.
Stressed out, wanted to cry- but didn't.

That's it.


pinklover said...

You will do FABULOUSLY. Your social life will suffer, your work schedule may need to adjust, but YOU CAN DO IT! This is a great time in your life. Except for sharing the room, I am a tad bit jealous. You go kick some nursing school butt!

gurrbonzo said...

Nurse Anna, YOU CAN DO IT. And, ain't nothing wrong with a twin bed, soldier.